American Myths and Politics

While considering how to vote my beliefs and conscience in recent elections, I began researching the background and implications of the political platforms of both major parties.  What I uncovered has catalyzed a radical change in my worldview and political leaning. Here are a few of the conclusions reached.

      1. We have very good reasons to be cynical of politics in general and motivations of the top officials representing the political parties in office.
      2. At least one of the major parties has been infiltrated and corrupted by special interests to the degree that it is no longer credible in any significant element of its stated platform.
      3. The other party in many ways has better grasp of the reality of our current world situation, but are still dependent on certain limited interests, and are so busy with petty political sparring, that they are relatively ineffective.
      4. The second golden rule still applies: “Whoever has the gold makes the rules.” Both major parties are still completely dependent on private financial interests, with little hope of voluntary reform.
      5. The rising third party movement advances ideas that sound good superficially, but upon closer examination of their historical roots and hidden supporters, their platform is also built on a shady past and a shaky foundation.
      6. Our system of government has become exactly what the American founding fathers and the political theorists before them had intended to avoid.
      7. Notions of what most American citizens believe to be the basis of our system of government are based on intentionally fabricated myths intended to sway opinions in the direction of identifiable interest groups.
      8. Most of these interest groups have no real sympathy for the future of our natural world or its human population. Most have no sense of accountability for their actions, which are usually driven purely by short term thinking and self-interested agendas.
      9. I would be tempted to advocate for much more direct control of the political process and social policies by the American people themselves, moving back toward the egalitarian views of the founding fathers.  However, so many of us have embraced the same fallacies and self-interested agendas promoted in political campaigning that even this may not be possible until several generations into the future.
      10. Most religious groups have been infected with the same toxic ideas promoted by special interests that hide behind words like Character, Family Values, Morality, Individual Responsibility, and Freedom of Choice.  However the meaning of these words has been co-opted and subtly reframed to mean something entirely different than most would assume. They have now become trigger words to activate a specific emotional response in the hearer that circumvents rational thought about the underlying message in which they are used.

Admittedly, I have not made a career of researching all the political theories or details of the history of political thought. But looking at shifts in political positions and the popular sentiments in just my own lifetime, my hope for the future of our nation has been fading rapidly over the last several years. But then again, maybe that feeling is only due to the emotional manipulation conveyed through our media?

My current perspective is summarized as “May God help us all, and grant us the wisdom and courage to help ourselves and each other!  The future of our country and much of the world depends on it!”.


About Hoosedwhut

Engineer - by education, training, and career experience. Philosopher - by inclination and choice. Amateur psychologist - by instinct and necessity. Amateur theologian - by birth into two distinct worlds...
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