Issues Christians “like”: #5 Persecution of Christians

This post is the fifth in a series about popular Christian issues that do not seem to be supported by scripture or reason.

The original article that introduces the series is at this link:  Revival begins in the  church… but so does judgment!

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Preview of bullet points:

  • Christians are promised persecution by Jesus Christ Himself, so we cannot be surprised when it actually happens.  May God strengthen us to endure when it comes!
  • People are persecuted all the time, all over the world, for many reasons – beliefs, economic status, color, being a member of any group besides the party of those in power, and etc.  Why would/should this be any different for Christians than everyone else?
  • Why do (at least American) Christians find it so horrible that other Christians in the world are persecuted now, but ignore the historical persecutions that were initiated by or condoned by Christians in the past? Is this simply God’s way of telling us that we  reap what we sow?
  • Why are the few cases chosen as examples of Christian persecution so widely publicized while systemic oppression and persecution that are so widespread in our own country (as well as many others) are routinely ignored?
  • Why do we forget or overlook the civilian casualties caused by our own wars in other countries, while supporting immediate military intervention when our own (Americans) are killed in dangerous areas of the world?
  • Why do Christians cry “foul” when we are treated the same as everyone else in our country?  Do we have some inherent right for special exemptions to the requirements place on everyone else?  We are called to be messengers and agents of God’s grace, even while enduring suffering and persecution – is that what we are modeling to the world by our example?

Disclaimer: Although the tenor of this post may seem anti-Christian due to the very pointed questions, that is not the intent.  The point is that many Christians assert a degree of privilege for themselves or their own faith group that they are not willing to extend to the rest of humanity.  This view violates so many scriptural  principles that no attempt is made in this post to elaborate on specific verses.  Suffice it to say that the Gospels of the New Testament, as well as the message of the major prophets in the Old Testament, specifically caution against this attitude.  Even the common admonition to “put yourself in the other person’s shoes” is ignored by many Christians, which helps explain how the exclusivist attitude causes friction with those around us who do not share our beliefs.  Too often we invite the negative reactions from others by our words, behaviors and attitudes, then adopt a persecution complex and call ourselves martyrs when they do react negatively!  There is little doubt that true righteousness in a fallen world will invite persecution, but so will anti-social behavior!  Let us be committed to accept the former, without resorting to the latter.


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