Issues Christians “like”: #6 Criticizing the Obama Administration

This post is the sixth in a series about popular Christian issues that do not seem to be supported by scripture or reason.

The original article that introduces the series is at this link:  Revival begins in the  church… but so does judgment!


Under construction – please check back later!

Preview of bullet points:

  •  Who originated the smear campaign against President Obama since he first took office? What are their motives and true agenda? Are these motives, or their hidden agenda, those that Christian values should direct us to support?
  • Why do many Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians in the USA immediately jump on the bandwagon of allegations and accusations against our civil leaders, but only when they are not of the political party we support (this year)?
  • Do Christians actually believe that God ordains our government leaders?  If so, then why are so many opposed to the current President?  Wasn’t he God’s own choice for the job? Or do we only embrace this principle when “our guy” wins?
  • Do most Christians know the objectives and motivations of those who are trying to steer the political agenda using the (right wing) Christian voter block as their pawns?
  • Do conservative Christians know the motivations of those behind the “news networks” they most often listen to for guidance on what to believe and which issues to support or oppose?  (Hint – The true motivation is money, not morality.  If you doubt this, consider the owner of the most popular “conservative” TV news channel. Do his public actions demonstrate common decency, let alone morality?)
  • Do conservative Christians actually believe they are hearing the true motives when their favorite political party makes emotional appeal to “God, country, family values”, when they do not embrace any of these in practice? (Hint – Go read up on methods of persuasion and propaganda.  Emotional appeals without substance is one popular technique.)
  • Could it possibly be that God is actually trying to get the attention of the true church, the body of Christ, to warn us about the outcome of abdicating our role as the light of the world, which includes following the teachings of our Lord, not merely personal piety.  This would explain why He allowed a Democrat, alleged to be an undercover leftist, to be elected as President – to promote the practices of  human decency and individual dignity.  Is it any coincidence that these were formerly the values promoted  by the community of faith?  Maybe God is challenging us to take back the moral high ground by proactively meeting needs and tackling the difficult problems in our society.  Or is this beyond our faith – and comfort zone?

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Engineer - by education, training, and career experience. Philosopher - by inclination and choice. Amateur psychologist - by instinct and necessity. Amateur theologian - by birth into two distinct worlds...
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