Climate Change: Science vs. Denialists – (Part 2) Who is (not) telling the Truth

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In part 1 of this series, a case was made that the politics of energy is driven largely by the interests of the fossil fuels and mining industries to the detriment of pretty much everyone else on this planet. These groups buy political support via lobbyists and campaign contributions or other quid quo pro arrangements.

Part 2 of this series will reveal some specific proponents of climate change misinformation, their interests and agendas, their network of funding, and their methods of propaganda. (Part 3 will include lists of the major players and disclosure of financial activities to deny the climate science.)

Selling the Big Lie

In the last decade, even as new findings from the scientific community continue to support the fact of global climate change, there are special interests that continue to deny to the public that climate change is real. This climate denial fabrication has been pushed in the United States for several years and is now being advocated by conservative governments in Australia and the UK as well.

An additional concern is that many Christian Evangelical conservatives and Fundamentalists seem to buy into much of the half-truths and propaganda advanced by these self-interested groups. This misinformation is aggressively promoted by certain news networks (ones often preferred by Christian and political conservatives) as if it were undeniably true.

Upon examination, much of the supporting information for these positions is fabricated outright, or are cited from publications authored by think tanks whose leaning is heavily in favor of the editorial agenda for these news organization.  Many of these think tanks publish reports and white papers that promote policies and positions favorable to the business and financial interests that fund their organizations. Critics refer to this closed loop of news reporting from captive sources as the “right wing echo chamber”.

Many articles, such as those in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times and other conservative news outlets continue to support this agenda of calculated misinformation. Not coincidentally, these news outlet support policies of the taking from the many (who have little or nothing) to give to the few (who already have the most).  Considering the ownership of these publications, their editorial directives are understandably self-serving. However, the have-not segment of the population is the vast majority who are being kicked around by those who can afford to buy government influence and dispense their propaganda.  This propaganda encourages the fatalistic acceptance that the status quo  cannot be changed, so that we are supposed to accept that the way things are is the way that things are meant to be.  Realistic global energy policies and the looming climate change catastrophe are among the huge issues that we are being conditioned to ignore.

This post intends to illustrate in greater detail how this misinformation campaign began, who was involved, their goals, the methods employed and the planned outcome of their efforts.

 Key Players

The core community of climate change deniers is actually rather small, compared with the number of credible scientists (who do climate science for a living) who know that climate change is basically an established fact.  Unfortunately the deniers have the advantage of being backed by billionaires and large companies who are pushing their own agenda with massive amounts of money.  This allows their influence is disproportionately large relative to their numbers.  As they say, money talks…and too many people who do not want to accept reality will listen to their propaganda when they try to tell us the status quo is better than the alternative.

 Funders and Founders

Some of the major contributors and founders of groups associated with climate change denial are:

  • Koch brothers Charles and David (Koch Industries)
  • ExxonMobil
  • Searle Freedom Trust
  • John William Pope Foundation
  • Howard Charitable Foundation
  • Sarah Scaife Foundation
  • Richard DeVos (Amway co-founder)
  • Paul Singer (Hedge fund billionaire)
  • Philip Anschutz (Owner of the conservative Examiner newspapers)
  • Many others, probably including all major oil companies, who are not identified

These organizations or persons have a strong financial interest in maintaining the status quo in which the majority of society are subject to the whims of the wealthy and powerful. Their means of control include the production and distribution of energy (carbon-based), food, water, land, clean air, and medicines through public relations or political influence.

Think Tanks and Phony Fronts

  • American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
  • American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
  • Americans for Prosperity (AFP)
  • Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University
  • Cato Institute
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Donors Trust
  • Heartland Institute
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Institute for Energy Research
  • Mackinac Center
  • Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
  • State Policy Network (SPN) – (And affiliated state level think tanks)

Note – not all of these groups are one issue advocates, but do display inordinate bias on the specific topic of climate change.

Climate Denial Organizations

Media Messengers

  • Fox News – (Fox preselects many “news” stories according to editorial agenda mandated by upper management, or puts spin on how news events are allowed to be reported.)
  • Climate change web sites and public relations campaigns – (Most have some links to think tanks that are funded in whole or part by “big money” interests.)
  • Television ads and paid “news reports” that report events according to their viewpoints.
  • Biased Think Tanks – Press releases from think tanks that support “the agenda” are sent to news outlets to be passed along for broadcast as unbiased research findings.

Philosophical / Political Perspectives

  • Libertarian extremists and followers of Ayn Rand’s selfish moralism as described in the novel “Atlas Shrugged”.
  • Adherents to the beliefs of the John Birch Society, most of which are now reflected by the Tea Party platform.
    • Believe all government is evil, because it takes away “their” money in taxes, and restricts their “freedom” via regulations against pollution, financial fraud, etc.
    • Espouse completely “free” market capitalism (“free” meaning unregulated, unaccountable pursuit of wealth).
    • Economic value is the ultimate definition of human worth, so anyone no longer able to be financially productive is useless and should be “discarded” by society.
  • Financially support politicians who advocate their agenda, who are now mostly Tea Party Republicans.
  • Do not believe that “the people” have the right to self-determination, either politically or financially.
  • Advocate taking liberties away from others while lobbying for elimination of laws  or regulations that were originally created as checks and balances on their past environmental and financial abuses.

 Economic Objective of Climate Denialists

  • Make money – as much as possible, as quickly as possible, from whomever possible, regardless of impact and consequences. In other words greed, carried to an insane and  inhumane extreme; these are essentially the worshipers of the god of Mammon.


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