Seeing from the Heart

Another of my attempts at poetry – hopefully with a point.


Allow me to introduce myself…

 I am someone you know,
     yet you may not recognize me
        when you see me.
 I am someone you see 
     who you think you do not know,
        yet you claim me as your dearest friend.
 You have not met me face to face,
     yet you see me every day.
 You say you want to know me,
     yet you judge me by
        the color of my skin, 
        my outward appearance,
        the clothes I wear,
        or the way I smell…
     and you reject me.
 You say you want to seek me,
     yet you avoid me…
        when  I am in plain sight.
 Even when I try to look you directly in the eye,
     you turn away
        and try to forget
           that you ever saw me.

Could it be…
    when you see me face to face,
       that you still do not know who I am?



About Hoosedwhut

Engineer - by education, training, and career experience. Philosopher - by inclination and choice. Amateur psychologist - by instinct and necessity. Amateur theologian - by birth into two distinct worlds...
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