This blog is a creative outlet for personal expression…

…of observations, honest opinions, reflections on life, lessons learned, pondering mysteries such as the meaning of life… God… the universe… or maybe just  something I read, or saw on the news last night!

Alternating between profound contemplation and light-hearted observations about human absurdity is my coping mechanism (or maybe a symptom of psychosis?) to deal with life as paradox.  Sometimes “reality” in this plane of existence can appear rather grim to me, which is a perspective I will attempt to explain. But, I think we all deserve a break from harsh realities, so I also will share my attempts at comic relief along the way.


While this is mostly a journal of personal opinion and reflection, if anyone wants to join in the conversation, please feel free to chime in by using the comments section!

The topics will be as wide ranging as my interests, including; current events, religion, politics, philosophy, science, mental health, psychology, social justice, global climate change, and personal development.


My religious background was previously protestant, evangelical, charismatic, conservative Christianity.  Much of this past belief system has been reevaluated and discarded due to subsequent investigation, supplemented by life experience.

My political leaning was generally toward right-wing moralistic conservatism for most of my life.  Within the past few years, I have developed extreme skepticism about my former views and those who continue to push a right wing agenda in support of very narrow interests.  Now, I am economically and socially liberal.  This shift began with changes in life circumstances.  It was accelerated by recognizing the beliefs I once held have been largely discredited by the failures of many government programs that were implemented under the banner of conservatism.  By contrast to the growing (radical) political conservatism in the U.S.A., many other nations have pursued a balance of social support and economic prosperity, which have proven generally successful.

[Trigger Warning!!! – My viewpoints are often colored by the influence of lifelong depression, so some posts will reflect a melancholy mood when written. Please skip these if you feel uncomfortable with brutally honest expression about sensitive issues. I will try to indicate my mood in the introduction of each post so everyone will know what to expect. But stay tuned; these dark episodes often precede the resolution of a conflict, which will hopefully be thought provoking and perhaps entertaining.]


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