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Screeching Voices

This article is different from most of the topics explored in this blog.  It’s about my subjective experience while hearing the sounds of life and the voices in my head. A couple of definitions for the purposes of this article. “Sounds of life” refers … Continue reading

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Meaning of Life: As Perceived when Depressed

[Mood Alert – Depression] This free verse poem was written during an episode of depression. It illustrates that life cannot be accurately perceived when under the influence of a mood-altering condition.   Questioning the Meaning of Life while peering through the lens of … Continue reading

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What are “Warm Fuzzies” Posts About?

If something strikes me as “uplifting”, encouraging, or otherwise potentially beneficial to mood enhancement, the “warm fuzzies” category is the place to find it.

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What makes life worth living?

[Trigger warning – Depression, mental health issues, and faith crises will be described.] This post will be a mix of self-disclosure, confession, rant and serious questioning about what might make life worth living. To establish a baseline for my current mood, … Continue reading

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Cracking the Tough Nuts from the Family Tree

There seems to be a continuing interest in researching one’s family background and heritage. However, sometimes it may not be such a great idea to shake the family tree too hard, since we can’t be sure what might fall out … Continue reading

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Why I get depressed… God stuff and Earth Stuff

If I were to consider an alternate title for this post, it might be “Why is everyone NOT depressed?”  That might sound like a very grim outlook, but in many ways, I believe it is entirely justified by an objective view … Continue reading

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Who am I? Who are you? Why does it matter?

“Every problem in life begins as a communication problem!” When friend in college made this comment, I dismissed it with a snort and retorted “Yeah, right!”. Since he was a journalism major, this seemed like a very parochial point of view at … Continue reading

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