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Redeeming Regrets

Redeeming Regrets Regrets have a purpose. They remind me that there was a missed opportunity – to give, to grow, to be. But they have a darker side – one that drains joy from the past and undermines confidence in … Continue reading

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Cynicism: Virtue Hiding Behind a Vice

Cynicism has been a habit of mine for many years, and though at times it feels isolating or  suffocating, it has also been a reliable coping mechanism for dealing with the cognitive dissonance of “real” life. Unfortunately, it has also … Continue reading

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What makes life worth living?

[Trigger warning – Depression, mental health issues, and faith crises will be described.] This post will be a mix of self-disclosure, confession, rant and serious questioning about what might make life worth living. To establish a baseline for my current mood, … Continue reading

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