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Is the Right-wing/Left-wing Split Determined by Genes?

An area of interest that I’ve been exploring for the past several years is the link between personality and beliefs. We may like to think that we freely choose our beliefs, but there is growing evidence that beliefs are predisposed … Continue reading

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Meaning of Life: As Perceived when Depressed

[Mood Alert – Depression] This free verse poem was written during an episode of depression. It illustrates that life cannot be accurately perceived when under the influence of a mood-altering condition.   Questioning the Meaning of Life while peering through the lens of … Continue reading

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Cynicism: Virtue Hiding Behind a Vice

Cynicism has been a habit of mine for many years, and though at times it feels isolating or  suffocating, it has also been a reliable coping mechanism for dealing with the cognitive dissonance of “real” life. Unfortunately, it has also … Continue reading

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TEST-imony (Personal status and life lessons)

The past three years have been tough. Tough personally, tough on my family, tough on our financial status. But that is how it was intended to be, if life is really a test of who we are at the core … Continue reading

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What makes life worth living?

[Trigger warning – Depression, mental health issues, and faith crises will be described.] This post will be a mix of self-disclosure, confession, rant and serious questioning about what might make life worth living. To establish a baseline for my current mood, … Continue reading

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Depression: Don’t Bring Me Down

[Trigger Alert! Contains description of feelings of depression and anxiety.] I’ve become well acquainted with the shadowy visage of depression over the years. It has introduced itself to members of both sides of my family tree, and repeatedly reintroduced itself to me as an unwelcome companion over … Continue reading

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Who am I? Who are you? Why does it matter?

“Every problem in life begins as a communication problem!” When friend in college made this comment, I dismissed it with a snort and retorted “Yeah, right!”. Since he was a journalism major, this seemed like a very parochial point of view at … Continue reading

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