Welcome to this journal of exploration, discovery, questioning, wry commentary…and possible rants… on this journey through life as I know it and reality as I see it.

The past five years have been some of the most “interesting” of my life, not because of events alone, but because of the resulting motivation to excavate down the very foundations of understanding about soul, spirit and life.   Some foundational beliefs and perceptions have been tested and validated.  Other beliefs, perceptions and assumptions have been challenged, and modified or discarded.  Those who have known me before the past five years, or even more recently, may find some drastic changes in my world view that may no longer agree with your, or even my own previous world view .

Yes, this site does include substantial reflections of personal views that are likely to be controversial, possibly even a little “too much information” for some.  Some tentative opinions are posited purely for purposes of input and debate.

If you wish to nudge the direction of inquiry on a topic, I intend to not moderate any comments posted, whether they agree with my thinking or not.  However, I do reserve the right to remove any inappropriate, irrelevant or obviously pedantic content, when found.  Please keep the debate civil.

Other than that request, all are invited to offer your own views and experiences to further the collective enlightenment!


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